Treat Your Lawn Better


Organic Based Lawn Care Programs

Our four treatment per year lawn program is one thing that sets us apart. We do not stop with a promise of a green, weed-free lawn, rather we promise you a heathy lawn. Our plan starts with an organic compost tea product that includes live microorganisms. These organisms work with the plants to utilize other inputs, like water and nutrients, more efficiently. This product also includes various plant extracts to provide a natural defense system against pressure from disease, insects, and adverse weather conditions. The fertilizers we use also encourage a healthy, active microbial population in the soil. A healthy, active microbe population in the soil ensures the nutrients are broken down and are made more readily available to the lawn as they are needed. Many synthetic fertilizers actually damage this soil life, especially if they are over applied (6-8 times per year). As your lawn becomes thicker and healthier, the need for herbicides is reduced. We plan on spraying your entire lawn only one time per year for control of broadleaf weeds, and spot spraying as needed throughout the season. Due to the nature of the compost tea product, we can spray the herbicides at a lower rate and still get great results.

We start in the early spring with a treatment of the compost tea and a pre-emergent for crabgrass control. A light fertilization can be applied if it is needed at this time. The late spring treatment delivers both a fertilization and compost tea treatment. An optional grub preventative application can be done in the summer. The early fall treatment includes a fertilization and one final treatment of the compost tea to repair the lawn from the summer stress. The late fall treatment is a heavy fertilization to prepare the lawn for winter. Aerating your lawn every two to three years should also be done to encourage thick and healthy root development.